About you now

Hmm..... Good song yes. Good singer maybe.What i mean by that is that Nickelodeon and Disney sometimes dont get that singers are singers and actors are actors thats what my friend said and i agree. Miranda is a better actor but i still think she did pretty good. The song was flawless.

About You Now

Sooring for About You Now

Lyrics                                Intrumental             Outfits          Singer

Good and made sense    AWESOME          A beanie cool!   More of an actress but still good.




La La Land

Wow! what a great song! Demi has a very strong and powerful voice and that was a perfect song for her! Lyrics kinda didnt make that much sense like how she said "Some people say i need to be afraid of losing everything in a la la land machine" I was a good song but i wish the lyrics made a little bit more sense. In the video the pink wig is pretty awesome.


Scoring for La La land

                 Lyrics               Intrumental part           Outfits                                       Singer

*Need more sense        *Great!                *What can i say besides awesome!  Strong




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