Coraline: This movie review is about a movie called "Coraline" BUT before i tell you my review i wanna tell you something that happend before i could watch Coraline. Ok, I went to AMC theater to see it in 3D cause i mean that's WAY better then seeing it in regular format, ok btw but right after we bought the tickets we found out that it was in regular formating there! So then we sat at home waiting for 45mintutes and then we went to clearview cinema to see it and we found out the FILM BROKE!! So we drove ALLL the way to mount clair to this wierd old fashoin theater.OK now i can tell you the real review. it was the BEST 3D movie i ever saw!! So interesting and it makes you wanna hear MORE!! I would definetly reccomend this to people. But its KINDA creepy so not for little dudes k?

Score:10 (0-10)




DadNapped:This movie review is about dadnapped a movie by Disney Channel. Starring Emily Osment and other Disney channel stars David Henrie, Mosies Arias , Phill Lewis and Jason Earles. This movie was VERY messy! But thats one of the things that made it worth watching!! Emily was a perfect actress for that roll. And the boys/fans made it way better than it needs to be. But for part of the time you couldnt tell wether those kids were fans of Neil or not. It was'nt too intresting.I LOVED Melissa's strong adittude! But i DO feel the dad needs to pay WAY more attention to Melissa.

Score:7 (0-10)                    

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